2020 October

On 14 October 2020 my new Remix Ep VERSIONS OF STABILITY releases on TruthTable Records. Taking and reworking tracks off the MATTERS OF STABILITY EP, 5 lovely colleagues have lent their talents to this set of remixes: Calika, Build Buildings, Liebherr, Autistici and Neuro… No Neuro are part of this and shine a new light on the material, accross various electronic genres. Out now on all digital platforms! To purchase it directly and support the work of my great label, please had to the TruthTable bandcamp site.

Press Info:
Matters of Stability has morphed into Versions of Stability in Matthias Grübel’s latest outing. Working alongside a select group of peers he has had the opportunity to create a reimagined collection. Calika brings bass and accomplished electro-acoustic melodies and intricate beats to Neon Primavera. Build Buildings chops and glitches through Sad Dream #1 – each click and cut adding to the beautifully crafted ensemble. Liebherr ups the tempo with a serious four to the floor work. The remix grinds through Atlantika accompanied by sighs and intimate moans – building urgency and seeking its climax. Autistici and Neuro… No Neuro complete the EP with an other-worldly ambient dub offering. Stars Under The Snow includes whispered vocals and a diving submarine bass intertwined with field recordings and melancholy cello phrasing.

UNO on EXHIBITION #100 sampler

2020 September

My track UNO releases 20 SEP 2020 as part of Audiobulb Records fantastic anniversary sampler project EXHIBITION #100! This collection features 34 tracks of super inspiring experimental electronic music! UNO in its very first version was born as part of my theatre score for I AM EUROPE at Théâtre National de Strasbourg in 2019. When asked by David over at Audiobulb to contribute a piece in the spirit of this sampler i digged it up and reworked it into this final shape, a 4 minute piece of glitchy ambient electronika. The beautiful original artwork was created again by @aina_rv – and then set into the EXHIBITION #100 framework… Check out UNO now on my Spotify and all other digital outlets – to support this great label and buy the full compilation of singles please visit

NEON PRIMAVERA live a la casa

2020 July

A few days before the release of MATTERS OF STABILITY, and still in the times of all those lockdown live-at-home gigs, i played and recorded a version of NEON PRIMAVERA, the opening track of the record live in my studio, for instagram etc. This video is about the guitar part, because it made me feel kind of good and at home, reintroducing my primary instrument into the sonic setup of something that is very much a contemporary electronic record. For all the gear nerds… I used my red Jagmaster, which goes through a Zvex Fuzz Factory, a Strymon Flint and an Earthquaker Devices Afterneath straight into Ableton Live.

new remix / featured on official spotify playlist

2020 May

Recently i produced a new remix for piano-poet Maike Zazie from Berlin. ERDBEBEN (Matthias Grübel Rework) is now out on 7K! Music and available through all digital platforms. Spotify included it on its official “Ambiente” playlist – how nice to be featured there among great artists like Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins and others…

lockdown update / EP release ahead

2020 April

Spring is here! And we are getting quite close to the release of my new EP MATTERS OF STABILITY on TruthTable. 16 MAY 2020 is it!!! Five new tracks and a title that sounds more adequate than ever these days. And actually its first track is called NEON PRIMAVERA – and that‘s most definetely what i was looking for in this picture here, taken a few weeks back in the south by Aina Riu right before the lockdown… Oh, and you can pre-order (digital) the EP on Bandcamp, if you like. It is available here.

Now back in Berlin i try to use this quiet time in the studio, i am between projects anyways, but we will see what happens regarding the upcoming theatre projects, how and if they are going to happen. Meanwhile some great productions i was involved in over the past years have been selected for quarantine streaming now by the respective theatres or – our LJOD TRILOGIE even made it into the NY Times in these crazy times! One of my all-time favourites AM KÖNIGSWEG (Schauspielhaus Hamburg) will be screened 23/24 April on the theatre’s website, too. So stay for that, if you miss live theatre too much, video can at least bridge the time a bit…

Well, let’s see what comes out of all this. Yet what i can say for sure is that it will not be 5 years between solo EPs again this time… As the lockdown weeks pass by, i keep producing material for what will surely become my EP number 3, including a few special guest contributions… Very happy about that amidst all the chaos. Also just recently i produced a remix for my friend Maike Zazie, which will be out on K7! in a few weeks time, too. If you like, check back round here or on my instagram.

premiere: orestie @ schauspiel frankfurt

2020 February

Am 22. Februar erscheint nicht nur meine neue Single ATLANTIKA, auch haben wir Premiere mit unserer ORESTIE in Frankfurt. Es ist ein toller und auch sehr musik- und audiolastiger Abend geworden, auf den ich sehr stolz bin. Wer bald mal in Frankfurt oder Umgebung ist, schaue sich das doch mal an. Bis Ende der Spielzeit sind etwas über 20 Vorstellungen terminiert…


2020 January


After 5 years of not releasing new material I am very happy to announce my new single, followed by an EP in spring! STAY TUNED, EVERYBODY – this one really means something to me, i am excited to share it with you all.

soundcheck bootleg

2019 December

Smalltown Boy revisited.

BIR DERDIM VAR und EXIT MUSIC. Sechs jahre später noch immer zwei meiner liebsten Songs, die ich für all die Theaterabende über die Jahre machen durfte.

Lo Fi Recordings. Aber heartfelt. Merci Merci, Mehmet!

matthias grübel SPOTIFY

2019 December

I finally took over my own SPOTIFY – years after THE LONGEST YEAR IN HISTORY but just in time for a bunch of new releases in the new year. I am glad to have used a bit of time off between theatre projects for a new EP… The first track will surface as a single in early 2020. The EP follows a bit later… So follow now on Spotify if you like!

LJOD TROLOGIE @ staatstheater mainz

2019 December

Ab 15. Dezember wieder zu sehen am Staatstheater Mainz:
Unsere LJOD TRILOGIE nach Sorokin! Ein Wahnsinnsabend, ein Marathon, ein Erlebnis! Kommt vorbei!

premiere am schauspielhaus hamburg

2019 September

Die Spielzeit beginnt für mich dieses Jahr mit einer Premiere am Schauspielhaus Hamburg!
Uraufführung des neuen Romans SEROTONIN von Michel Houellebecq in der Regie von Falk Richter. Premiere am 6. September 2019…
Alle weiteren Infos hier.

DIE MERGELGRUBE @ center for literature burg hülshoff

2019 May

22/24/25 Mai // Center for Literature // Burg Hülshoff

DIE MERGELGRUBE von Annette von Droste-Hülshoff als Hörstück für vier Stimmen, von mir produziert und komponiert – und gemeinsam mit Autor und Kurator Jörg Albrecht als Audiowalk über das Gelände der Burg arrangiert. Es sprechen Karen Dahmen, Cathrin Romeis, Sebastian Straub und Daniel Brunet. Zu hören zunächst vom 22. bis 25. Mai 2019. Das ganze als Teil des Triple Features Archäologischer Park, alle weiteren Infos dazu hier.

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