2020 October

On 14 October 2020 my new Remix Ep VERSIONS OF STABILITY releases on TruthTable Records. Taking and reworking tracks off the MATTERS OF STABILITY EP, 5 lovely colleagues have lent their talents to this set of remixes: Calika, Build Buildings, Liebherr, Autistici and Neuro… No Neuro are part of this and shine a new light on the material, accross various electronic genres. Out now on all digital platforms! To purchase it directly and support the work of my great label, please had to the TruthTable bandcamp site.

Press Info:
Matters of Stability has morphed into Versions of Stability in Matthias Grübel’s latest outing. Working alongside a select group of peers he has had the opportunity to create a reimagined collection. Calika brings bass and accomplished electro-acoustic melodies and intricate beats to Neon Primavera. Build Buildings chops and glitches through Sad Dream #1 – each click and cut adding to the beautifully crafted ensemble. Liebherr ups the tempo with a serious four to the floor work. The remix grinds through Atlantika accompanied by sighs and intimate moans – building urgency and seeking its climax. Autistici and Neuro… No Neuro complete the EP with an other-worldly ambient dub offering. Stars Under The Snow includes whispered vocals and a diving submarine bass intertwined with field recordings and melancholy cello phrasing.