the silent anagram
(180g lp, panic arrest)

2009 July

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press release
The Silent Anagram is a beautifully architected record that clicks and whirs into life building intelligently on itself into a vast and expansive work fizzing with ambience. There is a constant interplay of sound and a clever juxtaposition of more caustic eclectic noise with crystalline moments of pinpoint melody. Emotionally intense, the landscape of the music and their structures draw on your memory brushing the innocence of childhood with the gravity of adulthood. It’s a delicate mix of broken piano chords and effervescent guitars that combine to create achingly beautiful crushing warmth. Quite simply it has a ghostly melodic grandeur that involves you in every second and leaves you wanting to press play again and again; a classic record.


01. A Shift In Shapes
02. We Are All Balloons
03. Pyramids
04. A World Full Of Ordinary Things
05. All That Is Solid Melts Into Noise
06. Where Diving Bells Are Ringing
07. Your Fireworks Brighten My Sky
08. No Moving Parts Contained

Matthias Grübel: Various instruments, sounds and manipulation
Stefan Bünnig: Video Art

Sabine Hanstein: Violin
Mikhail Karikis: Voice, orchestra arrangements and other recordings
Keung: Additional Electric guitars

Composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Matthias Grübel in Berlin from March to October 2008. Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market, Montreal, Canada in November 2008. Artwork and sleeve design created by Sebastian Haslauer from Shake Your Tree.


“A truly shining example of what being an ambient album should mean: similarity, not sameness. Reusing feelings, not ideas. In this sense, The Silent Anagram is entirely successful.When given the proper conditions, Telekaster has crafted music to bring you there, to whatever hazy, reverb-laden place that is; just grab a decent pair of headphones, turn down the lights, and take the trip.” (The Silent Ballet)

“Post rock is perhaps a term to fit this, but its all without drums and its definitely not static. This music is in constant flux, always on the move. A great record actually. Very melodic, without becoming a pop record. More modern classical, I’d say. A very pleasant and varied album. Highlight of the week.” (Vital Weekly)

“The Silent Anagram (Panic Arrest/Rough Trade), das Debüt von Telekaster: Kreiselnde Loopgebilde, die eine Richtung finden und ein leicht metallisches Flirren erzeugen. Melodien und Akkorde kommen und gehen, es ist einfach schön.” (Groove)

“The Silent Anagram ist ein Gebilde aus Klangräumen, das beruhigender in seiner Unruhe kaum sein könnte. ‚All is sound’. Und so verliert sich auch die Stille im Klang und lässt das, was zwischen Kopf und Herz ist, im Gleichklang aus dem Takt schlagen.” (*lichter)

“Mit The Silent Anagram hat Matthias Grübels Projekt Telekaster eines der Überraschungsalben des Jahres gelandet. Tief und wie ein unwirkliches, stummes Theaterstück entfaltet sich die Platte.” (Beat Magazin)

“Immediately this record strikes me as kind of a middle ground between the minimal Minus Pilots album and the more varied, layered sound of the Cut Iowa Network LP (minus the drums), it definitely fits right in with the feel of the Panic Arrest label thus far so if you enjoyed those previous releases you’ll be in safe hands here. To add a little more comparative colour I’ll add that there are shades of Constellation-style post-rock, early Colleen, the twinklier moments of bands like Fridge and many an organic-sounding bedroom ambient electronica project from the past few years. All done to a super classy standard!” (Norman Records)

“The Silent Anagram features broken piano chords, swirling ambience and warm guitars. A hug made of music. Quiet, contemplative and somewhat impressionistic.” (Indiophile)