the longest year in history
matthias grübel
(cd/digital, audiobulb)

2014 October

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Music Video

Maximilian Haslauer and Jonas Zieher created a mesmerizing handcrafted video for the track I Felt Weird from The Longest Year In History. While experimenting with moiré effects, Maximilian Haslauer and Jonas Zieher quickly discovered parallels Matthias Grübel’s musical work. Defined by Wikipedia as a “visually evident superimposed pattern created, for example, when two identical patterns on a flat or curved surface are overlaid while displaced or rotated a small amount from one another. (…) Moiré patterns are often an undesired artifact of images produced by various digital imaging and computer graphics techniques.” By manually moving printed patterns on transparent films the two designers consciously exploit this accidental effect. The footage was then edited digitally, retaining its organic feel to match the track’s sound. The result is a flickering audiovisual experience. Based in Stuttgart, South Germany, Maximilian Haslauer and Jonas Zieher study communcation design at the State Academy of Art and Design with a focus on image-making and illustration.

Release Date
19 November 2014
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The Longest Year In History
The spaces we enter define the speed of our lives. The Longest Year In History maps out all of these spaces. Our apartments and the windows we look through, looking at clocked day-to-day routines. The club, where existence is eternal, in synchronized infinity.The trains we ride, letting go of the routine while we are being moved, indulging in a shift of time and space… Matthias Grübel provides the soundtrack for our twisted sense of time and movement. He plays Sehnsuchtstechno for the calendar inside your heart.

The Longest Year In History was written and recorded by Matthias Grübel, Berlin 2014. Cello on I Felt Weird performed by Cathrin Romeis. Cello on Into Clouds and Sing performed by Daniel Hassbecker. This EP is released in association with Audiobulb Records. The digital version features remixes by Autistici, Calika, Ed Phase and Zachov. Artwork created by Sebastian Haslauer.

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