new EP FUTURO out now

2021 May

I am proud and happy to present my new EP!
FUTURO is out 30 APRIL 2021 throguh TruthTable and available on all common platforms.

These tracks were recorded between spring and autumn 2020, i started work on the record straight after the release of MATTERS OF STABILITY. A lot of life and thoughts and reflections went into making it, and it means a lot to me now being able to share this music with all of you. I am super happy to have beautiful guests on board: my friend Maike Zazie played a bit of piano on Beach Wolf, up and coming producer Mea Lux from Italy lent his voice to White Nights and the first single Waterfalls features former Polarkreis 18 frontman and cinematic pop artist Felix Räuber on vocals. The fantastic artwork was once again created by Aina Riu and David Newman released the whole thing on his fantastic TruthTable label. i can’t thank everyone involved enough for making this possible.

You can check the EP out on Spotify HERE.