morphica by mikhail
incl. telekaster remix
(3 cd, sub rosa)

2009 January

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press release
MORPHICA follows Mikhail Karikis’s enthusiastically received debut album Orphica (2007) in an unprecedented genre-bending interdisciplinary feast. MORPHICA re-imagines the notion of the music ‘remix’ and expands to the realms of visual art and creative writing. Described by Mikhail as a project about “finding a common cause in uncommon ground”, MORPHICA explores the theme of transformation and politics of difference. Having as its starting point the morphing of Mikhail’s debut album, MORPHICA features a triple album with studio and live concert recordings of collaborations with over 20 international musicians ranging from pioneering DJs to acclaimed early-music choirs, contemporary composers and performers: Contained in a hand crafted limited edition box-set designed by Mikhail & Assembly, the work is accompanied by 15 art prints by diverse artists who respond to the music and and remix visuals. New poems of ‘remixed’ lyrics and contextual essays complete MORPHICA’s multi-sensory adventure. Gathered from 5 continents, the lineup of artists in Mikhail’s n ew album includes DJ Spooky, early-music choir Alamire(formed with members from the Hilliard Ensemble, the Sixteen, the Tallis Scholars and I Fagiolini), experimental British composer Claudia Molitor, Paul Abbott, German electro-minimalist Telekaster, Lee Fraser, avant-jazz vocalist E:laine, Irish Composer Conall Gleeson, pianist extraordinaire Leon Michener, Juice Vocal Ensemble, Belgian Rob(u)rang and Bobby Krlic; isual artists include celebrated British Afro-Caribbean artist Sonia Boyce, Uriel Orlow, Stephen Wilson, Israeli performance artist Oreet Ashery, Eva Weaver, Farina Alam, Ruth Maclennan, Romanian fashion designer Rozalb de Mura, Korean installation artist Ahn Sung Hee, Malaysian designer K.Y.Low and animators Paul Gittins and Paul Bloomfield; authors include Irish poet Cherry Smyth, Chris McCormack, cultural theorist Kersten Glandien and Sub Rosa’s co-director Guy-Marc Hinant.